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The Art of Writing
"The best writers know that creativity is not enough. The art of writing requires structure, discipline and guidance. The first two can be learned, the last must be found."
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Writing Mastery©
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Customized Remedial Reading & Writing Programs

Based on an initial consultation, a customized program is designed to address the student’s specific needs. These programs use multisensory techniques, Direct Instruction, Diagnostic Teaching and a systematic and cumulative approach. Customized programs are held one-on-one and may include one or a combination of the following:

Handwriting Programs

For students in elementary grades we offer complete handwriting programs for printing and cursive letter formation. Enjoyable multisensory activities, direct instruction and drill help students build the foundations of successful and beautiful handwriting.

Using Mental Imagery to Improve Reading Comprehension and Written Expression

The National Institute for Literacy has found through evidence-based research that when readers form mental images or pictures of the material read, they are more able to comprehend and remember this material than those who do not form mental images. This program is designed to help students form complete mental images or visualize while they read. The program is systematic and cumulative and begins with imaging single words, then progresses to sentences, paragraphs and multiparagraph texts. The program enhances vocabulary, oral and written expression and teaches students how to formulate questions to ensure complete comprehension.
Suitability: Grade 4 - 12

Remedial Phonics-based Reading Programs

Phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination and fluency are taught using Direct Instruction and a multisensory approach based on Orton-Gillingham principles. This program improves spelling and reading and uses leveled texts.
Suitability: All ages

Strengthening the Foundations

This program teaches students a powerful, structured method that will enable them to recognize and create a variety of different sentence structures. Simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentences will be taught. Morphemic analysis and the study of prefixes, suffixes and roots are taught to promote comprehension and vocabulary enrichment.
Suitability: Grade 4 - 9

Perfect Paragraphs

Students will learn to use a variety of innovative techniques to create effective expository multi-paragraph texts. These techniques provide strategies and guided practice to take the student through a sequential process that will develop his/her ability to write well-constructed paragraphs. The student will learn how to include openers, main ideas, supporting details, examples and concluding statements. The use of transition words will be taught and multiparagraph assignments will be completed.
Suitability: Grade 6 - 10


This course provides an overview of the writing process whether writing exposition or narration. Students learn how to develop theses, outline and draft while focusing on organization, coherence and unity. Proofreading and editing skills will be taught and the student will learn how to critically appraise his/her writing in terms of clarity, syntax and vocabulary.
Suitability: Grade 10 - postgraduate


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